Saving and it feels so good!

We officially have snow in Matthews! Bogey didn't know what to think about it this morning. She didn't like getting her paws wet. I'll let her play in it later. I'm enjoying my coffee and hulu inside for now. :)

Like everyone else during these troublesome economic times, we're making a huge effort to save money where we can right now. We're adapting the concepts from Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Univ. I had a friend ask me for some financial advice the other day, I said to look into Dave Ramsey's philosophy! We're still just getting started in it, but it makes sense! We're getting out of debt, spending to a zero balance in hopes to be able to give back in the end!

Some ways we're cutting back:

Making lunch- Sam likes his Bagel Bin in Huntersville every now and then as a treat, but I usually have a lunch made for him to cut back on lunch expenses. Obviously, as a teacher, I make my lunch in my black and pink polka dot lunch box every day! & it's a healthier choice!

Coupons!- Thanks to my resourceful Mom, she got me into coupon clipping. We get the Fri, Sat, Sun paper (the only option for the Charlotte Observer) just for the coupons! It's $10 a month and we get it back in savings! I love Harris Teeter, especially the BOGO specials. & they always double coupons under $1.00. I love triple coupon day, (waiting for one any day now!) My general rule is if I don't have a coupon or if it's not on special, I won't buy it. Of course, there are exceptions, but it's good to keep in mind. I've been saving $20-40 each trip!! Wow!

Farmer's Market- I love the Hillbilly Produce Market off Independence. It's literally a mile from our house and I can't get enough of it! We get whatever fruit/ veggies are in season from the market. It's cheaper, locally grown, and better for you! Why not? I usually get a week's worth of produce for $20. Easy.

Closet shopping- This is a new strategy I'm trying for my shopoholic tendencies! I've realized I have a lot of respect for some of my friends who can use what they have and make it cute! I realized I have years of clothes already in my closet that I can layer, mix up in a different way and it's like you have new clothes all over again! My goal is get a few wardrobe essentials for the season and then use what I have to combine with it. It forces me to use what I have instead of wanting more!

Cash!- We take out an alloted amount of cash each for spending money 2 times a month. I've found that I am more conservative with cash than with my debit card. I want to save that cash. It is a visual reminder of how much spending money I have. It works, try it!

Almost 6 months married

We're trying our hand at blogging. Be patient with us! It's been a busy 6 months in our lives. After our beautiful wedding in August, I started my 4th year of teaching, we adopted a crazy lab mix named Bogey and Sam started a new job in December. It's been an adventure, but we've enjoyed every moment together.

A few things we've learned along the way:

Bogey actually likes the "bitter apple" spray that is intended to stop dogs from chewing. ???

Baseball season stops in October and begins in October....

Edy's slow churned Fudge Tracks is always on the diet

Cooking takes practice. a l o t o f p r a c t i c e . . .

We both run late... no matter where we go, no matter when we intend to leave the house, we are late. Give us a 10 min grace period when expecting us to be somewhere.

A puppy has satisfied any desire for baby Nelson... no worries!

We both rarely stay awake for a full movie, regardless of the time or day of the week.

Jeans are considered a "need" and purses and flats and black yoga pants for that matter!

I make lunches at 6:00 the previous night. I like to be prepared.

It's awfully cold at 5 am when bogey wants to go outside.

You know you're a true salesman when you say this in your sleep: "All I can give you is 10% off" haha

Now for the marriage stuff we've learned:

Constantly invite God into our day, work, and marriage.

You before Me. best marriage advice ever.

Give up your need to be right.

Outserve your mate daily.

Little notes can make a day.

"It's your turn to take out the dog." "No, it's yours." I have a feeling this doesn't change with kids.

Sports and facebook take up way too much of our quality time. We're working on that...

My husband is the most patient, serving, loving man I have ever met.

We fall in love with each every day.

We have both been amazed at the way our Lord has worked in our marriage and made this the best 6 months we could imagine. It has its ups and downs, but that is part of the ride of life. We hope to share a little part of our life as we start our family in twenty ten: the laughter, the tears and everywhere in between. Enjoy!!