Food, Fun, & Sun!

Ah, the sweet taste of summer. That's right... school is out!! Woo hoo! I have to admit, as much as I love my students, the summer is worth all the hard work during the other 10 months.
So far this summer, I've kept myself busy in small ways. I've had what I call "pool dates" with girlfriends I don't normally get the chance to see during the school year. It is so refreshing to relax, sit in the sun, and catch up on life with these sweet friends. I learned my lesson early in the spring to wear sunscreen and apply often! Ouch! No one likes sun poisoning!!

I attempted the MasterCleanse last week, for those of you who haven't heard of it, it is a lemonade with filtered water, squeezed lemons, and gradeB maple syrup that you drink throughout the day. Hard core cleansers drink only this concoction, along with some teas that I was scared to try! I started it and it surprisingly gives you energy and makes you feel full! I started eating small meals with it instead of solely doing the cleanse. I now try to drink the lemonade to replace one meal a day now and do smaller meals for the rest. It has actually made me rethink the importance I place on food. We think we need so much food to feel full- not true! I have cut down the amount of food I eat and it has made a big difference. So my love/hate relationship with food is actually improving because of the lemonade! Who knew! :)

Speaking of food, I found my new summer treat... the pinkberry type frozen yogurt places are popping up everywhere in Charlotte lately. YoForia in SouthPark is the big one, then my friend Anna introduced me to TastyYo in NoDa... heaven in a cup! I love fat free, sugar free anything that doesn't taste like cardboard. This stuff is fabulous! It makes for a fun outing in the summer and guilt free treats always work for me!

My favorite: Vanilla, ferrero rocha froyo with chocolate chips, graham cracker bits, granola, and strawberries... yumm!!

We have a busy, fun summer ahead! I'm looking forward to the fun memories with family and friends. More updates to come!