2011 Hopes

I believe I forgot I had a blog at one time, considering it's been months since my last post! What better time to revisit the site than now, in the start of the new year. It always takes me weeks to decide what aspects of my life I want to tweak, what relationships I want to build, and what areas I want to give more attention. You may call them resolutions, I like to see it more as a hope for the upcoming year. This post is more for myself, an accountability piece more than anything else. Read on to see
the things I ponder for 2011 ...

Personal growth... opening the box of my Canon Rebel opened a new world for me. This is the hobby/ talent I've always wanted to explore, but never had the chance. Taking advice from a friend, I'm not diving into formal training just yet, just experimenting! I learn best by seeing and doing, so this is the route I'm taking. I've been lucky with a few shots...
Some of my favorites so far:

Spiritual growth... is never "achieved", it's a constant realization of my humanity, and God's perfection. My only goal is to spend intentional time reading the word, asking the Lord to be a part of my day, my work, my relationships. Usually for me, this takes a thought-provoking book that challenges my self-centered world view and brings me back to who God is.

Relational growth... creating intentional time with people for the purpose of learning more about others and becoming more compassionate. Compassion stems from who God is and loving people. I consider myself a pretty compassionate person by nature. Sometimes in life, I notice my thoughts turn to judgment and cynicism. By spending time with current friends and creating others, I am more compassionate by default. If only we all could see through a lense that considers another first.

Professional growth... I am in the step in my career where I want to change the world, not just one child at a time, but many at once. This may be a desire placed on many teachers' hearts, or just the burderned few. I have explored, applied, and come to road blocks in my attempt to reach this next step. I don't know where this unsettled feeling will lead, but I do know I am constantly aware of what works and what does not work in public education. I'm learning how to trust God in this next step, either in movement, or in staying put. (Thanks Dad.)

Marital growth... In our second year of marriage, Sam and I don't have it all perfect, but we do some things very well. Daily, I am overwhelmed with my husband's heart and his eagerness to serve the Lord and others. I take him for granted more often than not. I'm realizing marriage is much more than cooking dinner, doing laundry, and date nights. Those we've got down pat. What takes our marriage from the superficial level to the intimate "oneness" is the intentional time sharing our hearts. My last "hope" is to create more opportunities for this time.

2011, come on in.