I'm glad I don't have teenagers...

but when we do have teenagers, I hope they're like Jill's!
These boys were such great sports, they let me put them in awkward situations and take their picture.  Not too many 15 year olds will let that happen!  We got a few awesome shots just before the rain started.

Thank you Jill for sharing your boys for a quick 30 minutes!  I hope they didn't hate their lives too much. :)

 Landon posed himself for the Lifetouch photographer on his own.

 railroad tracks make for a great shot

 Cole, you had this coming!

this one has Cute written all over it. 

gap jeans ad

Being a Bridesmaid

No I have not had 27 dresses, only 2, but what fun dresses they were!
This past weekend was my second bridesmaid experience.  We spent the weekend in Asheville, NC among beautiful sunsets and great company.

 Leslie's tulips

 my beautiful college girlfriends

 beautiful Asheville sunset

 the beautiful bride before the wedding

the wedding party in front of a lovely local chapel

I've always been a sappy fan of weddings, but now they tend to be more nostalgic now that I am married.  I recall the morning of our wedding and the heightened emotions of walking down the aisle myself.  I am honored and blessed to be married to my groom.  I love the details and how a great wedding represents the bride and groom perfectly. 

 A few of my favorites from my bridesmaid days and some of our own special day. :)
 Lindsay's beautiful West Palm wedding

Lindsay's wedding party

it sure is fun to play princess for the day!

 Mr. & Mrs.

The happiest day of my life when I married my best friend!