P interest L ove

If you don't know about Pinterest, oh you are missing out. It's like a virtual vision board with pictures or how to's of every facet of life.

For this creative DIY girl at heart, it makes me super happy to browse for fun and new ideas for the home, teacher things, or sweet quotes.

My favorite part of Pinterest may be the clothes. Some brilliant person, not me, has created these mini clothing boards... Almost like paper dolls without the doll. such as...

It really has become the deciding factor in my daily wardrobe decisions. The biggest compliment my sweet husband can give me lately is "Is that a Pinterest outfit?" Why yes it is, thank you! It has forced me to use the clothes hanging in my closet to create fun, trendy outfits.

A few of my Pinterest inspired staples:
Red Toms
Skinny waist belt
Thick brown bow waist belt
Riding boots
A rainbow of cardigans
Skinny jeans & Wide leg jeans
Solid color dresses to be paired with colorful accessories
Chunky necklaces
Dainty gold monogram necklace
Scarves and more scarves
White button up dress shirt, paired with any of the above

all photos pulled from pinterest.com

The most valuable lesson Pinterest has taught me is instead of giving into the ever present media inspired encouragement to buy new things, I have just about any and everything I would need to make a cute outfit right in front of me. Does this mean my desire to shop has disappeared? Of course not! But I will be more mindful of when I do buy.

Signing off with powerful scripture-
You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes within. The unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God. 
first Peter three four