National Board Nos and Puppy Woes

Bogey is a big 6 months and is now in the eat everything in sight stage. Her toys of choice? all wood, furtniture, socks, paper, anything!! She tries to nibble on our hands and feet, more so than when she was younger. We are getting frustrated and trying to be good dog owners to correct her behavior. I looked up some trouble shooting for her problems, here's what I found:

1. Limit her freedom with crate training- check, been crate training
since the day she came home.

2. Show her what to chew by giving her toys that are only hers- plenty of toys, check.

3. Positive reinforcement by praising puppy when she grabs her own toys- all the time, yes.

4. Negative reinforcement by saying loud noises when she starts chewing things that are not hers- been there, done that. We tried the "No!" "Ehh!" "uh huh!" even the "Schhh!" from Dog Whisperer...

Why, thank you Aboutdogs. com, you were no help at all! Here is my favorite quote from this article: "There's no cure for the teething stage, and it can last from age five months to over one year (or longer) yikes!!, but you can minimize the damage done. Be vigilant, remember my favorite mantra "This too, shall pass" , and start collecting chew toys."

Seriously, I feel like we've tried every trick in the book. I know she is a puppy and they go through stages, but this one is literally eating us out of house and home! Suggestions are welcome, we're getting desperate!

Bogey actually picked up a rough draft of one of my National Board entries this morning and carried it around the living room, like haha I have all your hard work in my mouth! Ah, Bogey you can have it, I'm tired of looking at it myself! Of course, I took it from her and continued to edit away...

If you are working on National Boards, you feel my pain. If you know a teacher who is working on their boards, a few words of advice:

- No, it is not "just a paper." It is 4 papers, all at least 15 pages in length with very specific requirements.

- What's so stressful about it? As teachers, we give 100% to our students and our jobs every day. Add, national boards to the mix, and now you have another investment which requires 100% of your effort and time, see the problem? I do not have 200%!

- We are given about 10 pages of questions and assessment pieces for each entry that needs to be specifically addressed in a certain way in these series of writing entries.

- Half the battle is figuring out what in the world they are asking to begin with!

- The written entries are due the last day of March... which frees you up slightly for the rest of the year, but thennnn...

- Then comes the test... again, 6 entries of a written exam about very specific areas of teaching... Let's just say I'm saving the test studying for after my written entries are done. ughhhh.

I'm trying to stay positive and keep working. This is almost the end and I cannot wait to have my life back. I'm sure my husband can't wait to his wife back too! Friends of mine, for the next month, please be nice to me. Even if I'm not nice back. :) For now, I'll just keep this in mind: "This too, shall pass"... thanks for the advice.
Bogey story of the month:
Dixie was so generous to let Bogey have this great chew toy ball with holes in it for treats. Bogey loved it and became her toy of choice. One day, I couldn't find the ball. I thought it got shoved under the bed or the couch or pushed behind something. I searched everywhere and assumed it would show up. It showed up alright! Turns out, Bogey ATE the entire ball!!! It was about 6 inches in diameter. This is a good size ball and a tough supposedly chew resistant material! Yeah right! Let's just say, we're still seeing evidence of that red ball. Yuck! (**Disclaimer: at first ,we were worried about her health, but read that you take them to the vet only if you don't see it come back out. So, if this ever happens to you, if you don't see it, check with the vet.)

Latest endorsements:
NetFlix: thanks to some friends, we were given 2 months free of Netflix and are now hooked. We have our own subscription now. It's a inexpensive monthly fee for 1 movie at a time. Sam and I like having a movie to hold on to for date nights or just to see different movies we wouldn't normally be exposed to. Whoever invented RedBox and NetFlix are my heroes and I'm sure are putting Hollywood Video & Blockbuster out of business one cheap DVD at a time.

Jillian Michaels work out DVDs: I found one for about $6 on Amazon. She literally kicks my butt and is just as tough as she is on Biggest Loser. I love my zumba class, but can't make it every week. I just got it in the mail last week and I like being challenged with her circuit strength training.

The Bachelor: Okay, I personally think Jake the pilot is not the brightest light bulb in the box, but gosh it's entertaining television! This season is so far fetched that it is truly an escape from reality. Some of these girls seem very decent and I am confused as to why they find the need to display their desperation on public tv, going to great lengths to get the attention of one semi loser guy! Oh, if only they believed in God's plan for their life. I really like Tenley for Jake. She seems equally dorky and quirky... I read the spoiler, that's all I have to say, more on that later in the season. :)

The 4:8 Principle: Great book... I've told so many people about this book lately and I'm not one to push a self help book. It's based on Phillipians 4:8 and how to live a JOY filled life! Who doesn't want more JOY in their life??? I even paid a huge library fine for keeping this book over due... oops! It has radically changed the way I perceive other people and my own thinking. I now defend and protect my joy and refuse to let anyone else take it from me!

Francesca's Collection: I love this store. I'm finally into the winter dresses and leggings... I know I'm a little behind the trend, it takes me awhile to branch out. Thanks to my friend LT, I am in love with this low budget boutique. We have 2 in Charlotte and I know there's one in Gboro. Worth the visit if you want something trendy and cute for not a lot!